Jennifer Benson opened Simply Timeless Boutique in April 2013. Her dream was to bring joy and a unique, fun environment for customers to shop. While running the boutique for the past two years and being the sole buyer for everything that went into the store, she realized quickly that her passion progressed mainly into making her leather bracelets and wire jewelry. She gained many loyal customers that frequently returned to the boutique to buy bracelets for themselves, as well as presents for family and friends. Many customers were pleased that they could have custom sizes, colors, and designs made right in the store just for them. So the decision was made to continue making her bracelets, but move to an online store and also do Arts & Crafts Fairs. On February 28th 2015, she closed the physical location of the boutique. Her husband was unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident on February 15th, just 10 days before her closing date, and is still recovering at home. He still requires a lot of physical help and attention, so our website has been put on hold for a little bit. We are trying to update it as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying Jennifer's jewelry.

Karen Benson is Jennifer's mother-in-law, and the one to help her get started on making the Regaliz leather bracelets. They had taken jewelry classes together, and brainstormed on new ideas for jewelry and crafts. After making a full line of Regaliz bracelets, Jennifer branched out from Karen's original bracelets and also started working with flat leather and smaller round leather. Many customers took to the elegant look of Karen's designs, and also to the more simple look of Jennifer's bracelets. Karen had a multitude of other items found in Simply Timeless Boutique, from the cherry wood cell phone holders, drink coasters, to the wooden Christmas ornaments. Karen is a very talented and creative woman, and has her own quarter scale miniatures business. I encourage you to check out her other work as well.

Garrett Benson is Jennifer's husband. He mainly does composite work, mostly carbon fiber and fiberglass. He has a very creative mind, and helped Jennifer a lot with her boutique, and will be helping with her online store while he is recovering from his accident.

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